We are passionate about the Earth

Designing and building exclusive outdoor spaces for your home, business or office park is our way of bringing you closer to the gifts that Mother Nature has so abundantly bestowed upon us.


Landscape design is dependent on so many factors. Soil type, temperature, humidity, drainage and prevailing wind form are basic elements to consider. Then we look at geographical location, the type of plants that are indigenous to the area. Taking all of this into consideration, there is the important personal style of taste of the customer. 


Greenscapes projects vary from the development of small courtyard gardens to extensive and lavish park-like landscapes. Our projects include design and consultation services, site preparation, landscaping and irrigation.


Greenscapes offer
  • Landscape design & installation
  • Irrigation design & installation
  • Drainage solutions
  • Small to medium tree removal
  • Consultation
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landscape design management


Maintaining a thriving summer garden is crucial for its health. Here are six concise garden care tips:
  • Utilize soaker hoses or drip irrigation for efficient, root-targeted hydration.
  • Apply organic mulch (like wood chips or straw) to conserve soil moisture and deter weeds.
  • Trim overgrown or damaged branches to ensure plant health and shape.
  • Choose slow-release or organic fertilizers to nourish your plants without overdoing it.
  • Consider natural pest control methods, such as neem oil or beneficial insects.
  • Shield sensitive plants from intense sun with shade cloths or umbrellas.
Adapting these practices to your garden`s specific needs will help maintain its vitality throughout the summer months.

For help with or more tips on preparing your garden for the new season, contact us for your free quotation.

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"I am super proud to confirm this is my beautiful garden! Best landscaper ever! So professional, knowledgeable, friendly, punctual with amazing staff. Thank you Vincent" - Elize Botha Hugo View this project 

"Vincent from Greenscapes is knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate! Highly recommend for garden upgrades! My front yard looks like a palace entrance!" - Katarzyna (Kitty) Willemse View this project

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